Taking your dog for a car ride is an easy way for you both to get out of the house for a while. Plus, during this adventure, you might go to your favorite dog park to meet up with other humans and furry friends. While this is wonderful for both of you, we want to make sure your dog is safe in the car when you are driving. Therefore, we thought we would share a few ideas of how to keep your dog safe in the car. 

6 Ideas to Keep Your Dog Safe While You Are Driving in the Car

1 Use a Dog Harness Seat Belt

A dog harness seatbelt is designed to keep your dog buckled up and safe, just like you. Simply place the harness on your dog and then buckle it into the seatbelt. This option is best for dogs that are well behaved when traveling in a car. 

2 Consider a Zipline Harness

A zipline harness is better for dogs that are more active and those that don’t always want to sit still when you are driving. Once the harness is on your dog, the straps go around the seat and buckle into the seat belts. 

3 Use a Crate

Most dogs don’t like using their crate, because to them it is a form of punishment. If you have managed to make your dog’s crate a fun place to be, you can easily use it for when you are driving in a car. We recommend covering the crate with a blanket, so your dog can relax a little easier. 

dog in car

4 Use a Plush Carry Box

Smaller dogs get nervous when they cannot see their owners or anything around them. This is where a plush carry box can come in handy. This is an elevated box that your small dog can sit in, so they can see you when you are driving. It is best to use this product with a dog harness to ensure your dog stays in the box while the car is in motion. 

5 Use a Dog Guard in the Trunk

A dog guard basically blocks off the trunk from the back seat of a vehicle. This gate allows your dog to still see you. But it also keeps them from being thrown around the vehicle if you have an accident. It may be tempting to simply place this dog guard in your vehicle, but we recommend making sure it is bolted into place. That will ensure the gate won’t move or be knocked out of position. 

dog car sit

6 Use a Backseat Hammock

Backseat hammocks are an excellent idea for older dogs who won’t move while you are driving. The hammock will keep your dog on the seat, as they lay down for the entire ride. 

These are six ideas that will keep your dog safe while you are both in a moving vehicle. Remember, your dog should never be in the front seat with you, because they can become a distraction. So, keep them behind the front seat, using an item that will keep them calm and safe for the duration of your ride. 

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