Are you looking for an easy way to trim your dog’s hair? Dog clippers are specifically designed to make grooming your dog easier and faster. At Best Pet Supply, we carry dog clippers from top brand names so you can find the perfect one for your pup. For more information on how to use dog hair clippers and which brands we carry, keep reading our helpful guide.


DIY Dog Grooming

Grooming your dog yourself isn’t as hard as it sounds. With tools like pet clippers and brushes, you can make sure your dog looks fresh and clean without too much trouble. Don’t be afraid of doing things on your own; we’ll show you how it’s done. You can even use our Grooming Cheat Sheet for quick reference! There are many benefits of DIY dog grooming—the most obvious being saving money. By taking care of grooming yourself, you’re cutting out an expensive step in getting your dog groomed at a professional facility. But there are also other advantages to grooming your dog at home, which will save time over waiting for appointments or rushing through visits with busy professionals.

There are plenty of ways to cut your dog’s coat on your own, including clippers and scissors. Keep in mind that all dogs need basic grooming: regular baths and nail trimming, as well as brushing and combing (if there’s fur). 

Your first step should be speaking with your vet; he or she will be able to assess your dog’s health based on the length and condition of his coat. From there, learning how to clip a dog’s hair is an easy task; it only takes about 15 minutes per session. You can even do it without moving from where you stand. 

The easiest way to do it is by using a clipping blade attached to a cordless clipper. Hold one side of your dog’s hair against her body, then start at her shoulder and use short strokes going away from her body until you reach her hindquarters. This method works well for dogs who aren’t overly sensitive about their personal space! It’s also much easier if you’re planning to use a #4 or #5 blade for smooth cuts around curves rather than a #2 trimmer which can work fine if you’re trying for more precision–especially near legs, ears, and face. In most cases, pet owners will have no problem with #1 or #2. 

Always go slow and check every now and again so you don’t over-cut any areas. To finish up, shave down any remaining patches using a wide-toothed comb so your dog doesn’t look patchy. Also, remember to wash out those clippers after every use—and always keep them out of reach when not in use! If you end up cutting too far beyond what feels right for your dog, don’t worry; simply brush your dog’s fur into place like normal and then trim it back into shape once hair has grown back to the desired length.

How To Choose The Best Clippers For Dogs

Every pet owner should know how to maintain their dog’s coat and their health. One of those things includes keeping your pet’s nails trimmed and fur combed. That may seem like an easy task, but for some people, grooming can be quite challenging. Luckily there are all sorts of different products that can help solve these problems, such as dog hair clippers. 

What Is A Dog Hair Clipper: A dog hair clipper is a tool designed specifically for cutting and maintaining your dog’s fur. They also come in many sizes and styles to fit every need you may have. If you decide to buy one of these tools make sure it is good quality, sturdy material and will do a great job on your dog.

Dog Clippers Need To Be Sharper Than Other Clippers: You might think that dog clippers would cut just as well as human clippers, but they do not. Make sure before using them on any dog’s body parts they are sharpened very well. This will allow them to glide through easier without tugging at their skin or taking off too much fur at once which could result in patchy hair spots on areas where they have been clipped too closely. Human hair trimmers cannot work on dogs because they don’t have blades small enough so make sure you look at reviews and talk with professionals about dog-specific ones before making any purchases yourself.

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Manual Clippers

A good set of manual clippers can be used by both expert and novice groomers. But they aren’t for use on thick-coated breeds, such as German Shepherds. The biggest advantage of these clippers is their low cost and durability. However, one problem people often face with them is having to stop mid-clip in order to oil or otherwise adjust them; also, some models may not last very long after repeated exposure to water. If you plan on grooming your dog at home—or doing more than basic maintenance care—manual clippers are likely not for you. They just don’t offer enough power or speed when compared to other options.

Cordless Clippers

If your dog has hair, then there are two things he or she will always need: food and grooming. Grooming clippers are designed to make easy work of both these tasks. Cordless clippers eliminate extra wires and cables, which makes it easier for you to use them on your dog. Clippers are also better for smaller dogs that may not be able to handle standard-sized grooming tools. Cordless dog clippers will run longer than traditional clippers, so they’re perfect for large dogs who tend to take a while to complete their grooming sessions. Also, because cordless dog clippers don’t get tangled up in cords during operation, you can easily manoeuvre your pet into different positions while they’re being groomed.

Blade Types

Blades are important to consider when looking for a good dog hair clipper. Most clippers come with two types of blades: single-edged and double-edged. Single-edged blades are used in rotary motion, while double-edged blades are used in oscillating motion. Double-edged blades don’t last as long, but they generally give a smoother finish because they cut through thicker patches of fur in one swipe.


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