Dog owners are well aware that when their dog is sick they too do not feel well during the same day. When the dog is sick we too, the dog owners, feel less well and without mood. In this article we will try to give tools with which we can notice that our dog is not feeling well and that he needs treatment.

What is the most important for a dog to feel well?

The main and most important aspect for a dog to feel well is eating and eating well. An owner is supposed to feed his dog properly and not feed him less or much more than his needs. Do not buy the cheap dog food, it is terrible for your dog. Don’t just buy the cheap canned food either, there is some very high quality dog food, use them . Another factor is exercise. Dogs are made to run. A dog that is not running does not feel well. Try taking your dog for a walk. It is really important (also for you 🙂 )

Diagnosis of a dog’s illness

In order to see how sick your dog is you must first know the symptoms. When your dog is sick you should see if he is urinating or defecating more than usual, if he is nervous or changes color, if he is panting more, how much he is licking his hind legs, and if he is eating normally or not. Dogs whose breed group have certain abnormalities may look a bit differently but the symptoms are all the same. If your dog is frightened of other dogs, or if he is more afraid of things that scare him than he used to be or more aggressive and than usual, then he is maybe sick. In general, a dog is an animal of habits, if there is a sharp change in your dog behavior it is a sign of illness.

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Treatment of a dog’s illness

So, we will first evaluate whether the symptoms are new or have been recurrent. We will then treat the symptoms and use homeopathic treatment. There is also a question of certainty and probability that the dog’s illness has an infection. Treatment of a dog’s illness should not be complicated but sometimes it can get complex. If the dog’s symptoms have been recurring the dog will likely be more stressed because of the frequent illness. Thus, it is essential that we take the right time and effective steps in order to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. And of course the most important thing, if it seems to you something serious or if the dog’s not improve – go to a veterinarian as soon as possible.

We will end again with our two important emphases. The first is in identifying the disease – you know your dog best, if there are behaviors that are not appropriate for him it should turn on a warning light. second, you can try home treatment but if things get a little complicated then go to a veterinarian

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