A bark collar is an alternative to traditional dog training methods such as leash corrections and verbal commands. A bark collar is used to train your dog when he or she barks excessively or inappropriately, by emitting an ultrasonic sound when your dog barks so that he or she associates the excessive barking with the sound and will eventually stop the barking behaviour. Here are ten benefits of using a bark collar on your dog.

Gives Confidence

Training your dog with a bark collar gives you (and him!) more confidence. You’ll know how to get your dog to stop barking when necessary, and not over-correct them. Many barking collars have settings that allow you to adjust your dog’s sensitivity level based on their size and temperament. You can even fine-tune their settings so that they don’t overcorrect, which is always a danger in training.

Improves Behavior

The most common reason people buy bark collars is to stop their dogs from barking excessively. If your dog barks at everything that moves, all day long, you are likely in need of one. They are effective in conditioning your dog to respond differently when they hear certain stimuli by delivering gentle pulses directly to its neck. After just one or two uses, you will see drastic results with your own eyes!

Prevents Interaction with Other Dogs

A bark collar can be used to discourage your dog from approaching other people or animals. This will keep your pet safe and reduce interactions with aggressive dogs. If you’re out walking with Fido, other people might not want him to jump up on them.

Repels Offenders

Bark collars don’t just stop your dog from barking, they also repel others who might be tempted to intrude on your property. This is especially handy if you live in an area with a lot of wildlife—dogs and cats both know how to use their voices to scare away smaller animals, but humans can’t always make out what they’re saying. With a bark collar installed on your pet, there won’t be any confusion about why they’re barking.

Keeps Them Safe from Aggressive Animals

Bark collars emit an ultrasonic sound when your dog barks. This sound is inaudible to humans but will deter other animals from attacking your dog. This feature is especially useful if you live in an area where animal attacks are common or if you’re training your dog to guard livestock or act as part of a security system.

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Gives You Peace of Mind When Outdoors

A Dog’s bark may seem like nothing to you, but when it’s in your ear nonstop, day after day, it can drive you bonkers. When Fido is equipped with a shock collar, however, he quickly learns that when he yaps at squirrels or chases his tail too long, he gets an unpleasant zap in return.

Prevents Biting Injuries from Other Dogs

A number of things can happen when you allow your dog to run freely around other animals, including getting bitten or chased by other animals. If you have an aggressive dog, a bark collar is a great way to make sure they don’t hurt another animal.

Keeps Pets from Pestering Strangers

The most popular reason to use a bark collar is simple: it helps keep your dog under control in public. Since barking is one of your pet’s primary forms of communication, using an anti-bark device allows strangers to approach you without fear that they’ll be pounced on or snapped at.

Prevents Sirens From Scaring Them

Bark collars are great at keeping your dog from being scared by sirens. If you’ve ever noticed how your pup starts to go crazy every time that fire truck goes by, then you’ll want to have one of these around just in case. The shock or vibration will stop them from barking when they hear loud noises.

Lessons Their Chances of Escaping From a Fenced Yard

A dog barking from inside a fenced yard, particularly one with multiple canines, is likely to draw attention from others. This means that fence-jumping pooches have less chance of getting out and causing mischief in your neighbourhood. A simple bark won’t hold them back!



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