There are plenty of dog movies out there, and depending on your dog’s personality, they can be fun to watch with your pup. Whether you like comedy, drama, action, or family-friendly films, there’s probably a movie out there that would be an enjoyable experience to share with your furry friend. Check out these ten movies that every dog should see at least once in their life.

1) Benji

Benji is an adorable dog movie

Benji is an adorable dog movie that does exactly what it sets out to do: make you smile. The movie, which stars Benji and his human companion Joe, revolves around Benji trying to help find a lost puppy. We won’t spoil it for you here; just go ahead and watch Benji. It is by far one of our favorite dog movies of all time.

2) 101 Dalmatians

dog movies

The animated classic has one of Disney’s most iconic villains (Cruella de Vil), a wonderful score by George Bruns, and enough family-friendly humor to last for hours. What more could you ask for in a movie about talking dogs? The 1966 version stars Dean Jones as Roger Radcliffe, Anita Kay as Pongo, and Cate Bauer as Perdita. Don’t forget your hankies!

3) Lady and the Tramp

dog movies

Did you know that 50% of dog owners watch a movie with their pets at least once a week? In addition, almost 20% of pet owners have actually taken their pup to see live theater. It’s clear that movie-watching is one of man’s (and woman’s) best activities when done in tandem with our canine friends. As any dog owner will tell you, there are certain movies that are made for dogs.

4) Old Yeller

dog movies

From 1957, Old Yeller is a coming-of-age story about a boy who must kill his own dog after it contracts rabies. Even if you’re not an animal lover, it’s hard not to get caught up in Elmer Bernstein’s emotional score and Chuck Jones’s (yes, that Chuck Jones) iconic animation. The movie has become such a part of American culture that it was remade in 1985 starring Kevin Bacon and Johnny Depp. (Seriously.)

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5) The Incredible Journey

dog movies

This film follows a Labrador retriever, a bull terrier and a stray mutt as they travel across Canada to get back home. Filled with humor and animal antics, it’s an excellent movie for dog lovers of all ages. It’s also available in 3D if you want an extra level of cuteness for your pup!

6) Turner & Hooch

dog movies

1989 was a pretty good year for dog movies. We had Beethoven and Turner & Hooch, both of which still get tons of play in dog households today. If you’re looking for a feel-good movie about the friendship between a man and a man’s best friend and have lot of fun, Turner & Hooch is probably your best bet.

7) The Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz

One of America’s all-time most beloved dog movies, The Wizard of Oz was a smashing success when it hit theaters in 1939. This heartwarming classic also became one of Judy Garland’s most famous roles, as she starred as Dorothy Gale alongside her dog Toto and friends such as Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Cowardly Lion. If you want to watch a touching film about friendship and loyalty, be sure to check out The Wizard of Oz.

8) Where the Red Fern Grows

Where the Red Fern Grows

The classic coming-of-age tale from 1961, Where The Red Fern Grows tells a great story about a boy and his dog. Based on a novel of the same name, Red is one of those movies you probably only need to watch once, but it’s good enough that you’ll find yourself coming back to it every few years. Beautiful scenery and heartwarming scenes make Red Fern Grows a great movie for dog lovers.

9) Lassie Come Home

Lassie Come Home Cover

Lassie is one of those dog movies that’s so classic, it will never go out of style. Released in 1943, Lassie Come Home is about a devoted collie who does everything she can to get back home to her human family. The only thing your dog likes more than you is any food that you may drop on the floor. So why not watch Lassie Come Home and indulge their obsession?

10) My Dog Skip

My Dog Skip Cover

This heartwarming movie follows a boy and his dog in rural Mississippi. When Skip (the dog) is orphaned at an early age, Bud raises him until he can run like a greyhound. The two form an unbreakable bond and share many adventures throughout their lives. It’s one of those movies that has something for everyone: comedy, drama, action, and adventure—all centered around a group of animal characters you’ll love!


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