There has long been conflicting reasoning as to why dogs are better than cats or vice versa. Most of the time, the reasoning seems solid. Yet it isn’t always enough to convince a person that they should own a dog. Maybe it is because some people are dog-lovers, while others will only love cats forever. And maybe a few people love all animals equally and to them, no one animal will ever be better than any other.

We still thought we would share our thoughts on why dogs are better than cats though.

10 Reasons Why Dogs are Better than Cats

1. Dogs Make It Easier for You to Make New Friends

You aren’t able to take a cat to a park like you can a dog, which is why cats are not very helpful when it comes to making new friends. When you take a dog to a park, you can meet so many new people. Some of those people will also be with dogs, while others will just love dogs so much, they will want to stop and talk to you for a few minutes. You will be amazed at how many people you will meet when you simply head out for a walk with your dog.

2. Dogs are Good with Changes

Cats do not adapt very well to change. Dogs, on the other hand, do well with change. You want to visit a new dog park? Your dog will be ready to explore with you! Moving to a new home? No problem! As long as you are there, your dog will be quite happy with the new arrangement. Cats, on the other hand, will be moody and will hiss until they finally calm down enough to get used to the new situation.

3. Playtime is Fun with Dogs

Cats are quite independent, so they are not always in the mood to play when you are. However, a dog will get up at any time to play fetch or simply run around with you. There may also be times where your dog brings you their leash, because they want you to take them out for a walk. The best part is there are many different toys for dogs, while a cat’s selection is barely available at any store.

dogs playtime

4. Dogs are Easy to Train

When was the last time you saw someone train a cat to listen and do tricks? Exactly! Dogs may not be easy to train, but a little persistence can pay off if you want them to sit, lay down, and even stay off the couch. You could spend hours training a dog with excellent results, while those same hours working on training a cat will be a waste of your time.

dog training

5. Dogs Offer a Lot of Protection

If a stranger were to try to enter your home, what would your dog do? They would probably start barking and growling, because they wanted to keep you safe and alert you to potential danger. A cat is not going to do the same thing. If you own a cat, they will probably sleep through a person going through your entire home.

6. No Litter Boxes to Clean

Yes, your dog will still be going to the bathroom, but their bathroom of choice is out in your yard. While you will need to clean up part of your dog’s mess, it will at least be outdoors. Smells won’t linger in one area of your home and you will never need to sit there scrubbing a litter box for hours. Oh, and you won’t need to purchase containers of litter for your dog either. A dog scoop and bags are all you will need for the project at hand.

7. Fewer Allergic Reactions

Unless you have a dog that sheds uncontrollably, you will find that your allergies will not act up when you own a dog. This is a stark difference to cats, because your allergies can go crazy when you are around them. There are also studies that show kids who are around dogs from an early age are less likely to have common allergies later in life.

8. Dogs are Funny

As a dog owner, you probably spend a lot more time laughing than cat owners do. The main reason for this is dogs are hysterical. They are always doing something funny and once they hear you laughing at them, they will keep doing it. Cats normally don’t do anything funny, because they are too busy sleeping or just laying there being independent.

funny pug

9. Dogs are Always Loyal

When you feel sad, does your dog come up to you and nuzzle you? How about when you are stressed or tired? This is common for dogs, because they are so loyal to you. They always want to make you feel better. Don’t be surprised when you are not feeling well, if your dog comes up to you and has you pet them. That small act can lower your blood pressure and even bring a smile to your face.

10. Dogs Allow You to Live a Full Life

Dogs are never going to let you sit around and do nothing. They will ask you to play with them, take them for walks, and even make you laugh with their antics. Dogs are quite smart and seem to know exactly what you need when you need it. If you are lonely and do not own a dog, you will want to get one. As soon as you do, you will find that your days are so much brighter.

These are ten reasons why dogs are better than cats, but there are so many other reasons. If you have never been a dog-lover, you may want to try to find a way to embrace owning a dog. Even if you own a cat, dogs will bring even more love and laughter into your life. And if you already own a dog, you know exactly why they are so much better than cats to have in the house.

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