Dogs can shed constantly, especially if you have a hairy dog. While it can seem overwhelming to keep all that fur off your furniture and out of the rest of your home, there are a few things you can do to make cleaning that dog hair and other dog messes easier. So, don’t think you need to live with a not-so-clean house forever!

6 Tips for Keeping Your House Clean When You Have a Dog

1 Brush Your Dog Every Day

You have a routine for when your dog eats, plays, and even goes outside. So, why not create a routine where you brush your dog every day too? When you take the time to brush your dog every day, less fur will come off them and get all over your house. 

2 Clean Your Dog Off When They Come in on Muddy Days

Inclement weather can cause your dog to bring a mess into your home. We recommend wiping any mud, snow, or even water off your dog’s paws before they get too far into the house. This will eliminate a bigger mess for you to clean up later. 

Brush Your Dog

3 Utilize Sofa Covers

If you want a simple way to clean off your couches and chairs, we recommend placing covers on them. This way, you can easily take the covers off to wash them every week or two. This is so much better than wiping down a couch with a damp paper towel, lint rollers, or vacuuming it every few days. 

4 Wash Your Dog’s Bedding and Blankets Regularly

The fur will really pile up on your dog’s bedding and blankets and that fur will then travel everywhere. To keep all this dog hair from spreading, we recommend washing your dog’s bedding and blankets regularly. If this seems overwhelming, due to your schedule, you may want to consider having spare blankets and bedding for your dog. This way you can set a clean set out when another is in the laundry. 

5 Pare Down the Toys and Clutter

We all know that dog toys can get out of control. If you are noticing the piles of toys growing, it is time to go through them and throw out any that are worn, barely used, or really dirty. You will be amazed at how much better your home will look when you don’t have as many dog toys laying around. 

dogs toys

6 Do Little Cleanups Often

Waiting until the weekend to clean your entire house is going to be overwhelming. It is best if you tackle one or two smaller tasks every single day instead of doing one massive deep cleaning once a week. Plus, doing a little cleaning every day will make your home appear cleaner. 

These six tips will help you keep your house clean even though there is a dog or two living there with you. If you haven’t been implementing all these tips, or any of them, we recommend starting immediately. We guarantee you will love the results when you walk into a cleaner home every day. 

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