What do you get when you combine a crate and a dog house? Indoor dog houses. These specially designed dog houses keep your pooch comfortable and safe while inside, even on the coldest winter days. Dogs, just like people, need to be able to regulate their own body temperature, so an indoor dog house can help them stay warm during the colder months of the year without too much risk of overheating during the hotter months.

Why An Indoor Dog House is Important

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Dogs like to be warm and dry, and if they aren’t in a good state, they will become anxious. Dogs can suffer from heatstroke just as easily as humans do. So it is very important that you keep your dog safe in warm weather.  An indoor dog house can provide your pet with shelter from extreme temperatures and other harsh conditions such as extreme rain or snow. A dog house is vital when bringing a new pet into your home. It will help to train your puppy where he or she should go when taking bathroom breaks, which will prevent accidents in many instances and save you time cleaning up after them. There are a number of different styles for indoor dog houses including sunporch, free-standing, modular, and insulated homes.

Make sure your selection fits not only your pet’s needs but also their personality. Some dogs prefer being inside while others enjoy being outside most of the time. If you have multiple pets, look for a larger option that can accommodate all animals at once to eliminate conflict over limited space within your home.

How To Choose An Indoor Dog House


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The first thing you’ll want to do is figure out what kind of dog house your pup will need. There are two basic types—an indoor dog house or a dog run. they are meant for cold climates. So if you live in a warm region, you may not have much use for one. 

The other option is a dog run, which is basically just an area that’s fenced off with chain-link or wire mesh that your pooch can freely roam around in. If you prefer to give your dog access to both indoor and outdoor spaces, then having a dog run would be best for you. 

The next important decision when picking out an indoor dog house is how big it should be. Your pooch’s living space is going to depend on his breed, weight, and any medical conditions he has. A medium-sized dog could comfortably fit in a small dog house while larger breeds might require something significantly bigger.  Once you’ve figured out all of these details, picking out an indoor dog house becomes fairly easy. But keep in mind that no two products are exactly alike!

Where To Put The Indoor Dog House

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Dog houses are an important addition to your yard or backyard if you want to keep your dog safe. Most dogs love outdoor playtime, but it’s also important to remember that they aren’t suited for harsh climates.  If you live in a place with cold winters, it may be wise to consider building your dog an indoor dog house or constructing one in your home. They can help provide shelter and extra warmth for your pup so he doesn’t get too cold during those frigid months of winter. When building one for use inside, make sure you pay attention to ventilation.

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How To Clean An Indoor Dog House

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An indoor dog house is a very practical way to let your dog enjoy indoors without actually bringing them inside. It allows your pet to be inside but still have its own private space. However, you will need to keep it clean. 

Luckily, cleaning an indoor dog house is relatively easy and can even be fun for both you and your pet! To clean it out completely, here’s what you’ll need: paper towels, warm water, mild soap (dish detergent works well), a rubber or plastic scraper and something like steel wool or Brillo pads (these will depend on how dirty your pet has made their doghouse). For regular maintenance, you’ll only need warm water and mild soap.



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