There are so many dog items out there, but not all of them are safe for people, or dogs, with sensitive skin. If you have issues with certain fabrics, materials, and other items, you will be happy to know that you still have options when it comes to buying things for your dog. And if your dog has sensitive skin, they won’t need to spend their days scratching, because there are quite a few items they can safely use.

Best Dog Items for Sensitive Skin and Dog with Sensitive Skin


DERMagic All-Natural Conditioner Bars

If your dog has sensitive skin, you can try to use DERMagic All-Natural Conditioner Bars on them. These bars are available in two different scents and they can help prevent your dog’s skin from getting drier than it is. Utilizing these bars will make your dog’s fur coat healthy once again.

The best part is these bars will prevent you from having issues with your sensitive skin when you use them. You won’t need to worry about your skin cracking, itching, or breaking out when you are relieving your dog’s itchiness.


Sensitive Skin Dog Collar

Don’t make your dog suffer by putting a collar on them that will make them scratch even more. We recommend choosing sensitive skin dog collars like YUDOTE Soft Dog Collar, Mighty Paw Neoprene Padded Collar, or Chai’s Choice Padded Collar. These collars will not bother your dog, so you can easily start going on long walks once again.

dog collar

Sensitive Skin Diet

Simply adjusting your dog’s diet can relieve some of their sensitive skin issues. While your dog’s food might not be the issue, changing their food can help provide a shinier coat. That shinier coat can prevent skin irritation in the future.


Certain Dog Toys

If you happen to notice that your dog scratches more after using specific dog toys, we recommend removing those toys from the regular rotation. That will allow you to determine if your dog has an allergy to that type of material. If your dog stops scratching, you will know that you can no longer purchase them toys like that in the future.

dog toy

Flea Protection

We recommend purchasing a gentle flea protection item to make sure your dog does not have fleas. The tiny bites from fleas can cause major skin irritation, especially since they cause your dog to scratch. You may also want to try an oatmeal bath to soothe your dog’s irritated skin. Those baths should relieve the itchiness, so your dog does not scratch as much.


It can be difficult to determine what is causing your dog’s sensitive skin. While you can do a little investigation at home, it is usually best to head to the vet for a professional opinion. Your vet can do a few tests to see what is causing your dog to have sensitive skin. They can then make recommendations to see if a change in your dog’s diet or care will stop the skin issues altogether.

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