Your dog provides companionship and love to you. That means you should spend time making their life easier. Of course, when you make your dog’s life easier, you will also be making sure they are as healthy as they can be. When you do this for your dog, you are guaranteeing they will be around for a long time. And when they live longer, healthier lives, they will be there for you for many more years.

You may think you are doing all you can to keep your dog healthy and happy. But honestly, there are a few simple things you can do that many people forget about. Therefore, we thought it would be helpful to share ten amazing tips you must consider when creating a healthy and easier lifestyle for your pup. Your best friend will love the extra attention they get, and you won’t regret learning these tips either.

How to Make Your Dog’s Health & Life Easier: 10 Amazing Tips


1. Get a Little More Exercise with Your Dog

Your dog needs a daily walk, as well as exercise throughout the day. Every once in a while, you can take your dog for a nice long hike, a run, or even a new outing you have never done before. We recommend even checking out local dog parks, so your dog can be off their leash for a little bit. Even a few more minutes of exercise every day can make your dog healthier and happier.


2. Choose Entertaining Toys

When your dog has toys that will entertain them, they will stay out of trouble. Plus, they will not be bored. There are plenty of entertaining toys available for your dog. We recommend purchasing a couple and then rotating them, so your dog does not get bored with the ones you do have.

dog toy 

3. Switch Up Your Activities

Just like exercise and toys, your dog needs to have things switched up regularly. This is the time to visit new destinations, see new people, and even teach them a new trick or skill. You will be amazed at how happy your dog will be when they are doing something new.


4. Pet Your Dog a Lot

When you take the time to pet your dog, you are doing so much more than letting them know you love them. If you change the way you are petting your dog, it offers a massage-like feeling to them. No matter how you pet your dog though, you will make them feel more relaxed. You will also increase your bonding level, while healing you both at the same time.


5. Let Your Dog Smell the World

Many times, we are in a rush when we are walking our dogs. This leads to them never being able to take the time to “smell the roses”, as many people say. Your dog loves to smell, because it allows them to see what is out there in the world. Take the time occasionally to let your dog stop to smell all the different odors when you are out on a walk. You can also play tracking games with your dog. They will love to find one of the kids, by simply using the smell from one of the kid’s articles of clothing. You can even let them follow a squirrel by smell once in a while.

dog smelling

6. Remove Your Dog’s Collar at Night

While dogs’ collars are fairly comfortable, it is still best to remove them at night. When your dog doesn’t have their collar on, they will be able to move their neck more freely and relax better. Plus, they will get more sleep, because the tags won’t be jingling every time they move. You will get better sleep from that as well!


7. Consider What You are Feeding Your Dog

Dogs need healthy foods to keep them healthier and happy. Plus, eating the proper foods will help your dog live a longer life. There are many types of dog foods in the store, but not all of them are made from fresh and healthy ingredients. We recommend choosing dog food that only lists unprocessed ingredients. If you are not sure what you should be feeding your dog, we recommend talking to your vet.


8. Groom Your Dog Regularly

If you want to keep your dog healthy, you must groom them regularly. When you groom your dog, or have them groomed, you will be removing all the tangled hair. That tangled hair creates mats that will tug on your dog’s skin. Trimming your dog’s toenails will also help them move around easier. And no one can object to the nice clean smell of a dog after they have had a bath.

dog grooming

9. Have Play Dates

As much as your dog loves playing with you, they are going to love playing with other dogs, and even people, more! It is so important to have playdates regularly for your dog. You can head over to a local dog park for these playdates or go to a person’s home. Just make sure your dog is playing with other dogs that have the same energy levels they do.


10. Lengthen the Amount of Time You Spend with Your Dog

We know you are busy, but your dog will live a longer life if you spend a lot of time with them. If you have a few extra minutes in your day, make sure you pet them a little more or play a rousing game of catch. Your dog will cherish these moments with you and the extra love will make a difference in their life. 

These are ten amazing tips that will make your dog healthier, while making their life easier. If you have loved every moment you have had with your dog, make sure you get to have many more by taking advantage of these amazing tips. You won’t regret one minute you spend with your dog and they will love you even more for taking the time to be with them.

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