For most pet owners, there comes a time when you have to figure out whether or not you’re going to invest in dog pee pads. While they may seem like an unnecessary hassle at first, it’s important to consider just how much of a necessity they can be if you want to keep your home looking its best—and your dog happy and healthy. In this article, we’ll explore the types of dog pee pads that are available, as well as which ones will best suit the needs of your dog and your household.


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Which Type Should I Buy?

There are many different types of dog pee pads on the market, which can make it confusing to know what you should buy. They come in three main styles: Open-cell foam, solid gel, and crystal top surface with a layer of cushioning underneath.

When choosing between these three kinds of dog pee pads, consider both your pet’s needs and how you plan to use them. If your dog is large or has mobility issues that make it difficult for him to stand or walk around, crystal top surfaces may be best; they also tend to last longer than most other kinds of pee pads.

For an active dog who just needs something comfortable to lie down on, though, open-cell foam might be more suitable. Solid gel pads provide comfort but aren’t quite as soft or long-lasting as either of those two options—they’re better for small dogs who don’t need much padding at all.  By determining your dog’s specific circumstances and setting expectations accordingly when shopping for dog pee pads, you’ll wind up with ones that will serve him well over time.

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How Do They Work?

Dog pee pads are incredibly convenient because they’re so easy to use. If you have a dog, you know they have to go potty pretty much all day. With dog pee pads, all you need to do is put one down when it’s time for your pup to take care of business and then toss it in your trash can when they’re done. They’re especially useful if you have a puppy who hasn’t been housebroken yet. Or if it’s cold outside and you don’t want them doing their business on a cold floor. Once your pooch gets used to using them, you’ll never look back! 

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Do I Need To Clean Them?

You don’t have to clean them, but you should. Most pads are disposable, but if they’re washable, you can just throw them in with your regular laundry. When choosing dog pee pads, it’s important to look for stain-resistant material so spills are easier to clean up. 

If your dog is still a puppy or has accidents often, look for pads with waterproof backing so moisture doesn’t leak through onto your flooring. Either way, be sure to go over how much cleaning and maintenance you’re willing and able to do—and factor that into your pad purchase decision. 

Some pads require more work than others. Also, consider how many dogs need to use dog pee pads at once. Are you willing and able to keep changing out multiple pads as necessary? Keep these considerations in mind as you search for pee pads. Even though some of them may seem inconvenient compared to more traditional options, consider all of their upsides too: They prevent stains on your carpet, help protect from bacteria transfer from feces by absorbing odors instead of just sitting on top of things, and allow dogs who have trouble going potty outside to urinate indoors with minimal fuss.

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Why Pee Pads Better For My Dog?

Dog pee pads (also known as potty pads) are an excellent option for both dogs and their owners. It’s actually pretty simple: dog pee pads help you keep your home clean. This allows you to spend more time enjoying your furry friend instead of obsessing over accidents. The best part is that they’re affordable, too; dog pee pads cost far less than carpet cleaning! 

One of many reasons that pee pads are better for your dog than peeing on carpet is they allow your dog to relieve themselves when they feel like it. When you’re out at work or asleep, they can use these pads to mark their territory, which isn’t something they would do when living in an environment with a litter box.

Your dog won’t want to urinate where it eats and sleeps, so using pee pads helps ensure that you don’t get home one day to urine all over your floor.

Most dogs will naturally avoid marking their territory where you sleep or spend most of your time, but older dogs with impaired mobility may not be able to get outside regularly enough. Having pee pads handy in these cases ensures that they’ll have somewhere comfortable to go while staying out of trouble. 

Another benefit is eliminating damage from dog urine by using easily washable puppy pee pads instead of carpets. Dog urine contains ammonia, which breaks down carpet faster than other kinds of stains. If left unattended, dog accidents can eat away at your carpets until only thin fibers remain—and even then there might still be lingering odors if you didn’t take action right away.


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