There is nothing happier and more exciting than the birth of a baby. This so significant moment causes many changes within the family and as a result there is a change in the amount of attention to our dog. Because the dog is an important part of the family it is necessary to prepare it for the birth of a new baby in order to prevent frustration, stress and jealousy in our dog. The adaptation begins at the Pre-birth stage and of course continues after it. We will try in the next article to give some tips on how to prepare your dog for the birth of a new baby.

Pre-birth preparation

At first, it is important to emphasize. Most dogs have no problems at all after a new baby arrives home, and they adapt quickly and not only that they become the ones who take care of the baby the most. And yet in order to ease the initial period when the situation is new for the dog there are some recommendations that you should follow.

Another important thing to emphasize is the concern that the dog is undergoing veterinary care before birth and that he is vaccinated

1. There are many who recommend spaying or neutering their dog. Spaying your dog will make her attract fewer males that could be detrimental to the baby. In males, neutering will make the dog calmer and easier to train.

2. Something that will change after a new baby enters is the hiking routine. Apparently from now on the trip will be with a stroller and there are many recommendations to make even before the birth a trip with an empty stroller to prepare the dog.

3. Produce a routine for the dog that is adapted to the baby’s routine even before birth. Make sure that the trips and feeding times are such that even after the birth they do not interfere with this routine.

4. Teach the dog that there are areas in the house that he cannot be in, these are of course those areas that after the child is born you will not want your dog to walk around in them

5. For dogs that are not yet fully trained it is a good time to finish training. You will need the time you can tell your dog to sit or rest.

Post-birth preparation

After the birth, it is important to understand that the dog will begin to get used to it first with the help of his sense of smell. It is highly recommended that before bringing the child home to bring the dog a garment that the baby is wearing in order for him to smell it. This will make the dog less surprised by the arrival of the baby.

Enter the house the first time the baby is in someone else’s hands and not on you. This is excellent for two reasons. The first is that your dog has probably not seen you for a few days, and he misses you so there is a good chance he will jump on you and it is better not to have the baby on your hands. Plus, it’s time to pay attention to your dog on initial arrival and it sends him a message that he’s still an important part of the family.

We have already talked about the sense of smell, and we will mention it again. In the first period, let the dog approach only when the baby is on your hands and allow him to smell the baby. While the dog smells and behaves properly you will pet him and praise him for the good behavior.

You bought a new baby toy, also bring your dog a new game to play with.

In the first child, visitors usually come in the first few weeks to see the baby. Please make sure that your dog is not neglected during these visits and that he also receives attention.

Last two important things about safety:

Never leave the dog alone with the baby at first, either not for a short time or even if you are sure that nothing will happen. Another thing, be sure to keep small baby toys away from the dog if you want to avoid them ending up in the dog’s belly and the dog suffering from pain.

Good luck and congratulations on the new baby.

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