All about K9 Cruiser

K9 Cruiser is a dog toy that glides easily across any smooth floor. This toy is designed to entertain your dog for hours and challenge its instincts. This K9 Cruiser dog toy is a smooth and rubberized toy that will help your dog to be stronger. Because this toy attracts your dog to chew intensively. It’s more fun when you watch your dog’s trying heart and soul to bite the cruiser but it ultimately failed!

This indestructible soft K9 Cruiser assists your dog to pounce over it and shoot across the floor. You might be laughing at your dog’s playing with it. 

This K9 Cruiser has four certain characteristics which are given below:

  1. It has a unique shape and squeaker that encourages pouching;
  2. It’s super soft & safe indoor fun for dogs;
  3. Slider base allows the dog to push and chase and most importantly glides on almost any surface;
  4. The rubberized rim allows any size dog to pick up.


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How often have you been at the park with your dog and wished there was some way to relax without having to bend down and pick up all the stuff your pet leaves behind? If you’re like most dog owners, you know that sometimes it can seem like there’s nothing else to do but pick up after Fido! Well, now there is! Introducing K9 Cruiser, the first chew-proof dog toy made especially for medium to large size dogs weighing between 40 and 100 pounds.

How Does It Work?

The K9 Cruiser is an interactive toy that helps prevent boredom and separation anxiety in dogs. Its unique design is based on common movement patterns used in training, such as games of fetch and tug-of-war. The result is a more active dog that doesn’t get into trouble while its owner is away. It also gives your dog something to do while you’re out: if it has nothing else to occupy itself with, it might chew up your furniture or tear apart your living room carpet.

K9 Cruiser uses patent-pending technology to smoothly glide across floors. The rubber on the cruiser’s wheels is configured in a unique pattern that allows it to easily move across most surfaces with little effort. It can be tossed about in any direction by dogs, kitties, kids, or even adults! As soon as your pet picks up K9 Cruiser, their reflexes will kick in and they’ll start chasing after it.

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How Safe Is It?

Some dog toys are essentially little foam boulders, which can be risky if they get lodged in your pet’s mouth or throat. If your dog tears through one of these toys in mere minutes, it’s possible that they could choke on bits of torn foam. K9 Cruiser, on the other hand, is made from soft and flexible materials that make it both durable and safe.

Before you consider purchasing a k9 cruiser dog toy, it is important to understand how safe these toys are. Luckily, they are safe to use with dogs of all sizes, but there are some precautions you will need to take if you plan on giving one to your pet. First and foremost, always make sure that your dog isn’t underweight before purchasing a k9 cruiser indoor dog toy. These can be somewhat heavy for smaller dogs and could result in injury.

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Benefits of Having a Dog Toy

A lot of us prefer to refer to them as dog toys, not dog chews or bones, but all of these things mean the same thing—toys that keep your pup occupied. Since dogs are more likely to be destructive when left alone for long periods, toys can serve many different functions. They make it more likely that your dog will want to stay in one spot and less likely he’ll get up and cause problems elsewhere.

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Where to Buy Such a K9 Cruiser?

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