When it comes to choosing a furry companion to welcome into your home, temperament, and behavior play a crucial role. If you’re looking for a gentle, easygoing dog breed that’s less likely to display aggression, you’re in the right place. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the top 10 least aggressive dog breeds list in 2023. Whether you’re a first-time dog owner or a seasoned pet enthusiast, this list will help you find a breed that matches your lifestyle and personality.

1. Bichon Frise Most To Least Aggressive Dog Breeds

The Bichon Frise is undoubtedly one of the most docile dog breeds you can find. Their gentle temperament and friendly disposition make them a top choice for families and individuals seeking a loving companion. These small, fluffy dogs are known for their sociable nature, getting along well with children, other pets, and even strangers. Bichon Frises rarely exhibit aggressive behavior, making them an excellent addition to any household. Their affable personality and adaptability ensure they rank high among aggressive puppy breeds, earning them a special place in the hearts of dog lovers worldwide.

2. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Tranquil Dog Breeds

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a prime example of a tranquil doggy breed. Renowned for their serene and gentle disposition, these charming canines are a joy to have as companions. They thrive on human affection and are known for their friendly and easygoing nature. Cavaliers are great with children and get along well with other pets, making them ideal for family households. Their adaptability to various living environments and their minimal aggression tendencies make them a sought-after breed. If you’re seeking a calm and affectionate furry friend, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel could be the perfect choice for you.

3. Shih Tzu Least Aggressive Small Puppy Breeds

Shih Tzus are among the soft small doggy breeds. These charming and compact dogs are known for their sweet and affectionate nature. They’re gentle, making them ideal companions for families and individuals alike. Shih Tzus tend to get along well with children and other pets, thanks to their friendly demeanor. While they can be playful and spirited, aggression is not a typical trait in this breed. Their manageable size and low aggression level make Shih Tzus a popular choice for those seeking a small, loving, and peaceful canine companion.

4. Pug Least Aggressive Dog Breeds Reddit

On Reddit’s pet-loving communities, Pugs consistently rank among the friendly canine breeds. Renowned for their charming and easygoing personalities, Pugs are cherished for their friendly demeanor. Redditors often praise them as excellent companions for families due to their minimal aggressive tendencies. These adorable dogs are known for their playful nature and affectionate disposition, making them a popular choice for both novice and experienced dog owners. If you’re seeking a non-aggressive, affectionate, and good-natured furry friend, Pugs are a top pick among the Reddit community.

5. Newfoundland Mild-Mannered Dog Breeds

The Newfoundland is a shining example of mild-mannered dog breeds. These gentle giants are renowned for their calm and patient temperament. Despite their massive size, Newfoundlands are incredibly friendly and affectionate, making them ideal family pets. They are known for their strong bond with children, often taking on the role of a gentle protector. These dogs are rarely aggressive and are more likely to greet strangers with a wagging tail than any form of hostility. With their sweet disposition and love for water activities, Newfoundlands are not only mild-mannered but also a joy to have as companions.

Newfoundland Mild-Mannered Dog Breeds

6. Collie Least Aggressive Large Dog Breeds

Collies, often recognized for their intelligence and loyalty, are among the aggressive large pup breeds. These gentle giants are known for their friendly disposition and are great companions for families and individuals alike. Collies are not typically prone to aggressive behavior and are often calm and patient, making them excellent choices for households with children. Their trainability and affectionate nature further contribute to their reputation as one of the gentle large dog breeds. While individual temperament may vary, Collies generally exhibit a non-aggressive and welcoming attitude, making them a beloved breed for those seeking a large, gentle canine companion.

7. Boxer Peaceful Dog Breeds

Boxers are often considered among the peaceful dog breeds. Despite their strong and muscular appearance, they have a friendly and gentle temperament. Boxers are known for their loyalty and affection toward their families, making them excellent companions. They are generally good with children and can be quite playful. Proper training and socialization from an early age help ensure that their energy is channeled positively, resulting in a calm and well-behaved pet. Boxers’ friendly disposition and protective instincts also make them popular choices for families looking for a loving and peaceful canine companion.

8. Cocker Spaniel Non-Belligerent Dog Breeds

The Cocker Spaniel is a shining example of non-belligerent dog breeds. Known for their friendly and outgoing personalities, Cocker Spaniels are gentle and sociable companions. They are rarely aggressive and tend to get along well with people and other animals. Their affectionate nature makes them wonderful family pets, and their playfulness adds a touch of joy to any household. With proper training and socialization, Cocker Spaniels can flourish into well-behaved and lovable furry family members, making them a top choice for those seeking a non-aggressive canine companion.

9. Beagle Calm Canine Breeds

Beagles, often considered one of the calm canine breeds, are known for their friendly and easygoing nature. These small hounds are not typically aggressive, making them great companions for families and individuals alike. Beagles are known for their inquisitive and curious personalities, which can translate into a laid-back and amiable demeanor. They get along well with children and other pets, making them a popular choice for households seeking a gentle and sociable four-legged friend. Despite their relaxed temperament, Beagles do enjoy daily exercise and mental stimulation to keep them happy and content, making them a well-rounded and delightful addition to any family.

10. Papillon Easygoing Dog Breeds

The Papillon is among the easygoing dog breeds. So, these charming small dogs are known for their friendly and playful nature. Papillons are highly adaptable and get along well with both individuals and families. Moreover, they are not prone to aggressive behavior and tend to be social with other dogs and pets. Papillons are also intelligent and can be trained effectively with positive reinforcement methods. So, their small size makes them a great choice for those living in apartments or homes with limited space. With their delightful personalities and non-aggressive demeanor, Papillons make wonderful companions for anyone seeking an easygoing and affectionate pet.

Papillon Easygoing Dog Breeds

Factors Contributing to Aggression in Dogs

While the aforementioned breeds are known for their non-aggressive nature, it’s essential to remember that a dog’s behavior is influenced by various factors, including genetics, upbringing, socialization, and training. Moreover, even the gentlest breeds can exhibit aggression if not properly cared for and trained.

  • Lack of Socialization: Dogs that are not exposed to different people, animals, and environments from a young age may become fearful and exhibit aggressive behavior.
  • Poor Training: Inconsistent or inadequate training can lead to behavioral issues, including aggression. So, positive reinforcement training methods are recommended to ensure a well-behaved pet.
  • Health Issues: Pain or discomfort due to medical issues can lead to aggressive behavior in dogs. Moreover, regular veterinary check-ups are crucial for identifying and addressing potential health problems.
  • Fear and Anxiety: Dogs that experience fear or anxiety may react aggressively as a defense mechanism. So, proper management and training can help alleviate these issues.
  • Genetics: While breed traits play a role, individual dogs may vary. Some dogs within a typically non-aggressive breed may display aggression due to their unique genetic makeup.


Choosing the right dog breed is a significant decision that should align with your lifestyle, personality, and expectations. The top 10 least gentle pet breeds listed in this comprehensive guide can serve as a starting point for your research, but remember that individual temperament can vary. Regardless of the breed you choose, proper training, socialization, and care are key factors in ensuring a happy, well-adjusted, and non-aggressive canine companion for your family.


What is the least aggressive dog breed?

The Bichon Frise is often considered one of the aggressive puppies. These small, fluffy dogs are known for their friendly and affectionate nature. Furthermore, it makes them great companions for families and individuals.

What is the least violent dog breed age?

The least violent dog breed age refers to a dog’s behavior, not its age. Breeds like Bichon Frise, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and Shih Tzu are generally known for being less violent or aggressive regardless of their age.

Where Can I Find a Mild-Mannered Canine Companion for Adoption?

You can find a mild-mannered canine companion for adoption at local animal shelters, rescue organizations, or reputable breed-specific rescue groups. Additionally, websites like Petfinder and Adopt-a-Pet can help you search for adoptable dogs in your area.

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