All dog owners are familiar with the following situation. You sit down to eat a good meal at home and really enjoy great food. During the meal you suddenly see out of the corner of your eye your beloved dog with an irresistible look. All that interests the dog at that moment is to take part with you at that meal. Of course many times we “break down” and let our dog taste the food in order to see him happy. But the question arises whether we can give our dog all the food we eat without harming him. So the answer is of course no and there are foods that our dog will be very happy to snack on but they can be detrimental to your dog’s health.

What food we can give our dog

Let’s start with what you should treat your dog to. What food can you feel free to give your dog from your plate? Dogs can eat almost all the fruit freely and just take care to remove the seeds from the fruit. In addition, many vegetables such as cucumber, carrot and zucchini pose no concern for the dog’s health. Rice, pasta and baked potato may also be good for your dog. Meat and chicken can be brought only when after the fat and bones have been removed and after cooking.

What foods are dangerous for our dog

We’ll now move on to the things you are very advised not to give to your dogs.

1. Foods spiced with a lot of salt should be avoided. May cause vomiting, diarrhea and fever.

2. Meat fat should not be given to our dogs, it can cause various infections.

3. Take care to keep your dog away from avocados. In avocados there is an ingredient called persin that causes vomiting and diarrhea in dogs.

4. Caffeine should not be found near the dog under any circumstances, it is very dangerous to the dog’s health.

5. Another food that is very dangerous to the dog’s health is grapes. They can cause dog kidney failure.

6. A lot of dogs are sensitive and allergic to dairy products, it should be noted that there is no allergic reaction after giving a dairy product.

7. Under no circumstances give chocolate to your dog. Caffeine we have already said is harmful and is found in chocolate but beyond that there are other substances in chocolate that can in extreme conditions also cause the death of the dog.

8. Garlic and onions in all their configurations cause poisoning which causes problems in the dog’s respiratory system.

9. Types of beverages that should not be given to this dog of course alcoholic beverages that in small dogs can lead to death and in adult dogs respiratory problems and even coma. Also do not give sugary drinks that will sometimes cause the dog to develop diabetes.

10. Last but not least, do not give your dog any medicine intended for humans.

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It is important to remember, if you want to pamper your dog, there is today a very large supply of sweets and snacks that are especially suitable for dogs. This way you can both pamper your dog and also be calm that what you give him is suitable for the dog nutritionally and does not detract from his health.

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