Owning one dog can be a lot of fun, so imagine if you happen to have two or three dogs wandering around your home! While owning multiple dogs can also be a lot of work, you still get the fun element of always having at least one dog ready to spend time with you. But how can you make sure all your dogs are happy with each other? We have a few tips to make it happen!

Own Multiple Dogs? Check Out These 6 Tips to Ensure All Your Dogs are Happy! 

1 Choose the Right Breeds

Some breeds are much better at getting along with other dogs than others, so it is imperative you choose the breeds of dogs you own carefully. If you happen to choose two dogs that are not happy to be around other dogs, you will have your work cut out for you, as you attempt to get them to get along. 

2 Make Sure Your Dogs Get Lots of Exercise

Tired dogs equal happy dogs. Or at least, too worn out to get into mischief with other animals in the house. While you might want your dogs to play together, one dog might be rougher than the other one. This is why it is important to wear them out before they start playing with each other. This way, they will still play, but it will be low-key playing. 

dogs exercise

3 Always Stay Calm with Your Dogs

Yelling at your dogs is not going to make them happy. In fact, your yelling will scare them, and they will start to cause even more trouble. 

4 Keep Multiple Toys Available

You may think all your dogs can share the few toys you have, but that is how squabbles begin. Just think of how it works with kids and a single toy! If you have multiples of toys laying around, the dogs can simply choose the same one their sibling is using without an argument starting. 

5 Always Feed Your Dogs Separately

Dogs can become territorial over their food. And you may have one dog that eats so much faster than another. When this happens, the dog that eats faster may try to eat the other dog’s food. This can make a dog cranky, while also allowing it to not thrive like it should. If you are unable to feed your dogs separately, you should at least be in the same room supervising mealtime. 

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6 Keep an Eye on Body Language

After a while, you are going to learn how your dog acts if they are getting annoyed with another dog in the house. If you can keep an eye on their body language, you should be able to remove the troublemaker before the real action begins. 

These are six of the tips you can use to ensure all your dogs are happy in a multiple dog household. There are a few other tips you can use as well, but start with these to keep everyone happy and on the right track. 

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