Automatic dog feeder can help keep your dog on a healthy weight by preventing them from eating too much and too quickly. They also make sure your pup gets fed even when you aren’t around to do it yourself, like during the workday or while you’re out of town visiting family.

The Top Five Automatic Dog Feeders which are most convenient and user friendly

  • Foscam Fi8910W

It may not look like much, but there’s no denying that Foscam’s dog-friendly IP camera is one of our favorites. Here are just a few reasons why Foscam Fi8910W ranks among our list of best dog feeders. This is a fairly large dog feeder, measuring 11.8 x 11.8 x 13.4 inches, but it’s also very easy to use. If you have Foscam cameras already installed in your home, then installing an automatic dog feeder shouldn’t be that much of a problem.

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Reviews for Foscam Fi8910W 

This dog feeder is great if you are looking for a dispenser that will hold enough food to feed your pup for several days. You can set an automatic dog feeder so that it only dispenses at certain times of day, or when your dog does something like sit or bark. If your dog eats more than you expected him to during one of his feeding windows, he won’t get any extra food until his next scheduled window opens.

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  • Petnet Smart

In a nutshell, Dognet Automatic Dog Feeder is a smart dog feeder that monitors your dog’s food intake and can detect when they are eating. It then automatically dispenses meals according to pre-programmed guidelines.



Reviews for Petnet Smart Feeder

Petnet Smart Feeder is a really useful automatic dog feeder. It is loaded with many different amazing features that can truly help your dogs achieve their feeding goals. This product works with a smartphone app that you can install on your Android or iOS phone. You simply have to load up your phone with all of your dog’s information and Petnet Smart Automatic Dog Feeder will take care of it from there.

This food dispenser comes with a large capacity container to ensure you can go on vacation without worrying that your dogs will not have enough food. There is an LCD display that allows you to set how much and when to feed your dog. Anovo Birdhouse Wi-Fi Camera for Automatic Feeder also has a dishwasher-safe bowl so it is easy to clean and maintain.

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Reviews for Anovo Birdhouse Wi-Fi Camera for Automatic Dog Feeder

This camera allows users to monitor their dog’s activity in real-time. It’s well-liked by reviewers for its 1080p video quality, strong Wi-Fi connectivity, and dog temperature display. They also appreciate that Anovo Birdhouse Wi-Fi Camera for Automatic Feeder records only when motion is detected to conserve SD card space.


  • Petsafe Automatic Programmable Dog Feeder

If you have a dog, you already know how much of a hassle it can be to feed your dog. You must plan in advance, get up at odd hours or send your kids for emergency food runs. With PetSafe Automatic Programmable Dog Feeder you’ll never have to leave Fido hungry again. This is because it can deliver two meals of up to four cups each, which you program into it using its LCD display with a built-in clock.

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Reviews for Automatic Programmable Dog Feeder

For dog owners with busy schedules, it can be difficult to remember to feed their dogs at regular times throughout each day. An automatic dog feeder solves that problem by serving food in pre-set amounts at preset times. Automatic feeders can be programmed to release small or large amounts of food, and most models will allow you to set up multiple feeding cycles per day.

Pawbo WiFi Camera Dog Feeder

If you want to record your pup’s every move but don’t want to spend $300 on a professional dog camera, Pawbo has you covered. This Feeder camcorder is not only cheap at $120 but also works with voice commands and can follow your dog wherever he goes. If your pup is afraid of strangers or needs extra companionship while home alone, Pawbo Automatic Dog Feeder will send you alerts when he needs affection.

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Reviews for Pawbo WiFi Camera 

One of Pawbo’s biggest selling points is that it doesn’t need to be connected to your home WiFi network. Instead, you pair Pawbo WiFi Camera & Automatic Dog Feeder with your smartphone over Bluetooth. After that, all you have to do is to configure an application for your phone (Android or iOS) and use it as a remote control for taking pictures and dispensing treats.



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