Thunder shirt is one of the most popular and effective methods for dealing with dogs that get anxious when they hear thunder or fireworks. But it’s important to understand how and when to properly use a thunder shirt so you don’t cause your dog undue stress. Read on to learn more about this helpful product!

What Is a Thunder Shirt?

A thunder shirt is an anxiety-reducing wrap that goes around your dog’s chest. A large part of their anxiety is caused by sensitivity in their nervous system. The loud sounds (thunder, fireworks, etc.) send shockwaves through them and make them feel like they are dying or having heart attacks. Their heart rate may go up, they may pant excessively and even vomit. A Thunder Shirt is a type of wrap specifically designed to reduce anxiety in dogs by offering them tight, non-restrictive compression similar to swaddling. It’s intended to help dogs through stressful or frightening situations, including thunderstorms and fireworks.

How Does It Work?

While these shirts may help relieve stress in some dogs, it’s worth noting that there isn’t any scientific evidence proving how effective they are. It also should be noted that these vests don’t work on all dogs; your dog may not respond well to them. If you suspect your dog might benefit from one of these devices, it’s important to use them only under the guidance of your veterinarian. There’s no arguing that many dogs get anxious when thunder and lightning strike. But whether or not you should buy a shirt for your pooch depends on how bad his fear is and how much time he spends outside during storms.

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Where Should I Put My Dog’s Thunder Shirt?

The key to using thunder shirts is that they should be worn high on your dog’s back, just below his shoulders. They can be placed lower if you’re putting it on an elderly dog who is less able-bodied than other dogs, but otherwise, try not to put it any lower. If you feel like your dog needs two shirts—one on each side—go ahead and buy two, but make sure they are located above his shoulders. If you are buying your dog a new Thunder Shirt, it is important to learn how best to put on your dog’s shirt. Here are some tips on where you should place your dog’s shirt.

Benefits of Thunder Shirt

There are plenty of benefits associated with using a thunder shirt, one of which is how it can reduce your dog’s sensitivity towards loud noises. One of the most common issues that dog owners face during stormy weather is their pets’ acute fear and anxiety. A thunder shirt can help keep your pet relaxed and comfortable even in stressful situations such as these.

These items are designed to help pets feel less anxious when they’re in unfamiliar situations. When your pet is agitated, stressed, or frightened, it can be much more difficult to control. With one of these shirts on, however, your dog will immediately respond more calmly—and you can find new ways to help him become accustomed to new experiences. Here are some examples



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