You brought your dog home, because you wanted company during those hours you are home. However, if you are like most people, you must leave the house to go to work, run errands, and even spend time with friends. Your dog will miss you during those times. But there are a few things you can do to make them feel safe and happy when you are not there with them. 

Tips for Successfully Leaving Your Dog Home Alone for Long Periods of Time

1 Purchase a Few Brain Games and Puzzles

Your dog is going to get bored when you are not home with them, so you must make sure they have something to keep them occupied. There are quite a few brain games and puzzles you can purchase for your dog to keep them busy. These toys can be stuffed with treats for them to find throughout the day. 

2 Consider a Dog Door

If your yard is fenced in, and you know your dog won’t be outside barking at the neighbors and squirrels all day long, you might want to consider installing a dog door. This door will allow your dog to go outside when they need to. The best part is after your dog goes out for some fresh air, a bathroom break, and a little run; they will go back inside to sleep for a couple hours until you return home. 

GOG AT home.

3 Get Some Exercise Before You Leave Your Dog

Your dog is going to need to be tired out before you leave them for the day. If they aren’t, they will have too much time on their hands to get into mischief. We recommend taking your dog for a long walk or a run if possible. You might even want to consider a little tug of war to make sure your dog is completely worn out before you go. 

4 Don’t Make a Fuss About Leaving

Your dog will make a big deal about you leaving if you do. Basically, walk out the door and leave without saying a word is your best option. When you return home, you shouldn’t even pet your dog right away, so they get used to you coming and going. 


5 Give Your Dog an Item with Your Scent

Your dog will miss you when you are gone, so make this time apart a little easier by giving them an item with your scent on it. It can be a t-shirt, pillowcase, or anything else that smells like you. Don’t be surprised if you return home to find your dog curled up asleep with this item. 

6 Consider a Pet Camera

Using a pet camera is an easy way to check in on your dog when you are away from home. If you happen to notice your dog is struggling one day, you can either talk to them via the camera or run home to calm them down. 

These are our best tips for successfully leaving your dog home for longer periods of time. If you haven’t left your dog home alone before, you will definitely want to ease into how long they are home alone. After all, this is something new that they will need to adjust to. 


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