There is a new dog in the house and the fun is great. The problem is you heard from time to time we want to leave the house and leave the dog alone there. There are many who are afraid to leave the dog at home alone for fear that he will ruin the furniture in the house, get injured from one of the furniture or the biggest fear is that the dog will defecate at home. Here are some tips to help you get through this event.

1. Take a walk with the dog as close as possible to your departure time. The walk will cause your dog to expend a lot of energy and come home exhausted and tired. An exhausted and tired dog is a dog that will probably be less eager to run around the house when we are not around. Another advantage of the walk is that the dog will defecate there and thus you will avoid the annoying look and the unpleasant smell coming back home of pee or poop in the center of the living room.

2. Leave the radio or TV on at home. Aside from our understandable fear that the dog will make a mess at home there are also effects that can have on the dog if left alone at home. A dog that is left alone at home for a long time may develop fears and anxieties as a result. Radio or TV making background noises makes the dog feel like he is not alone and has someone with him. This will reduce the dog’s chance of developing abandonment anxiety and train dog to live alone for while.

3. Leave your dog to play games with. First, a dog that is interested in him and has occupations will not be free to look for ways to “play” with our furniture and destroy them. Second, the games employ the dogs and they can forget that they are alone. One last thing, make sure one of the games you left behind is chewable. A chew toy can soothe a dog when he is stressed or anxious. Important Note – Note that all games and toys are safe to use that will not fall apart during play and then they may cause suffocation if the dog swallows them.

4. Leave water and dog food. There are those who say that because they want to prevent the dog from defecating at home they prefer not to leave their dog food and drink. This is a mistake that should not be made. A dog that is hungry and thirsty and has no access to these can start trying to look for its food elsewhere and start chewing and swallowing inedible things and causing itself health damage. Other than that, on a human level, there is no reason to leave our dog hungry and thirsty.

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It is important to note that like a great many things with dogs, it is at the end a matter of habit. The best way to get our dog to know how to be home alone is to get him used to it. At first, go out for a while and take care of all the above and slowly your dog will get used to the situation and you will be able to go out for longer times and you will not have to worry about what is going on with your dog.

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