Dog raincoats are essential to keeping your dog dry when you’re out on rainy days, but few owners know how to properly take care of them. If your dog’s raincoat doesn’t look clean or if it smells funky, it may be time to start caring for it properly again. Here are some tips on making sure your dog’s raincoat stays in good condition so it can continue doing its job well!

What is a Dog Raincoat?

A dog raincoat is exactly what it sounds like—an outerwear garment to protect your pooch from water, wind, and temperature drops. They are also sometimes referred to as dog jackets or dog vests. 

Common types include waterproof or weatherproof coats made with rubber or plastic materials that are perfect for rainy days, fleeces that wick moisture away from your pup’s body to keep him comfortable during cooler months, reflective rain gear if you’ll be walking her at night, and lightweight pullovers for dogs who are sensitive to extreme temperatures. 

A good dog raincoat will help keep your pet dry while still allowing her to move freely so she can enjoy all of her walks without distraction.


Types of Dog Rain Coats Available

There are different types of dog raincoats available depending on their size, body type, and how active they are. Because most dogs have thicker fur coats, don’t hesitate to buy a winter jacket for your pet if they live in an area with colder weather. 

Depending on their activity level you can choose between slicker or puffier jackets that have added padding that protects them from chills or something more lightweight if they’re only going to be outside for short periods of time. 

Take into consideration what type of material will help protect them from sunlight, especially if you live in a very sunny climate during the spring and summer months. If you plan on taking your dog hiking with you it’s important to purchase one with waterproof capabilities to protect them from snow or rain showers while doing so. 

Dogs who swim should also wear some sort of protection over their hindquarters when out in public to prevent any wetness from getting onto floors. However, there are also special water-resistant jackets specifically designed for dogs who like to go swimming or enjoy spending time near pools or other bodies of water. These waterproof raincoats act as extra protection against harmful rays when out enjoying any outdoor activities. 

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How Dog Raincoats Help Keep Dogs Safe

Dogs are susceptible to many cold-weather injuries, but hypothermia is one of their biggest risks. Dogs’ natural insulation isn’t sufficient enough for most outdoor weather conditions, which means that they can get extremely sick or even die if they’re not kept warm. Owners can help keep dogs safe by dressing them in dog raincoats during rainy weather. Particularly when temperatures fall below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. This will keep them dry and allow owners to have more control over how long their pets are outside for.

However, owners should always monitor how long their pets are out in bad weather conditions so that they don’t get too cold. They should also be allowed to come back inside if they appear chilled or are shivering. Making sure a pet has a good coat doesn’t just benefit his health. It makes it easier to keep an eye on him while outside in inclement weather. Some dog coats available may even add extra visibility, making it much easier for pedestrians and drivers to spot your pooch from a distance when he’s wandering around outside at night or early morning. 

The American Kennel Club recommends visiting a veterinarian before purchasing a raincoat so that you know you’re getting something suitable for your specific breed. 

Be sure you know what size you need and what material would best suit your animal’s needs before purchasing anything online. These coats aren’t meant to replace waterproof doggy boots; rather, they serve as extra protection against rainfall and other elements while outdoors walking or playing with other animals.



What to Look for When Buying a Dog Raincoat

Wearing a dog raincoat is a quick and easy way to keep your pup dry and happy on rainy days.

Consider purchasing one for your four-legged friend if they: spend time outdoors during storms, enjoy swimming or spending time near water, live in an area that receives heavy rainfall. If your dog meets any of these criteria, then buying a dog raincoat might be an excellent decision! 

However, there are certain aspects you should consider when buying such products. These include price range, fabric type, durability, and size/color options. We’ll examine each in detail below to help make things easier for you while searching for your dog’s new raincoat! 

The Best Materials for Dog Rain Coats: Your local pet store likely has many dog raincoats available. However, not all will be good choices. There are several fabrics that may look nice but aren’t necessarily great at keeping dogs dry or warm during harsh weather conditions. For example, cotton can soak up large amounts of water and become very heavy. Not ideal when trying to keep your dog safe from dangerous weather conditions! Instead, opt for high-quality polyester fabrics with GoreTex lining. This material combination keeps dogs both warm and dry during prolonged wet weather conditions. 

Choosing Sizes & Colors: Depending on your preferences, you may need to purchase multiple sizes. Some raincoats have elastic sides which expand as needed. This style is particularly useful because it allows owners to buy just one size for their pooch and fit it as needed based on their weight gain or loss. In addition, many styles also come in a variety of colors so you’ll have plenty of options for matching them with their favorite accessories.


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