A dog treat launcher may be something that you don’t realize that you need until you see it in action, and then you can’t help but wonder how you ever got along without it. A dog treat launcher makes it possible to train your dog and reward him or her without actually handling the treats at all. They come in many different styles and shapes, so choosing the right one for your needs can seem overwhelming – especially if you’re not sure what those needs are yet! This blog will provide all of the information that you need to choose the best possible dog treat launcher for your home.

An Introduction to Dog Treat Launchers

A dog treat launcher sometimes called a fling-a-treat or fling-ama-doggie is an automated toy that lets you feed your pup treats by launching them into his mouth. While some dogs love chasing their food around, others don’t like messes (what dog does?) So why not get your pup to do all of the work while you sit back and relax? With one of these gadgets, you can launch tons of treats without leaving home. Learn more about what they are, how they work, and whether you should buy one in our guide below.

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Benefits of Dog Treat Launchers

There are multiple benefits to dog treat launchers. The first is mental stimulation. These toys have been shown to improve dogs’ learning capabilities by helping them retain information through positive reinforcement in an exciting way that encourages your dog to learn. 

Additionally, it can serve as a form of exercise for your dog since she will have to work hard to get the treats out of her toy. Another perk for you, dog treat launchers can help combat bad behavior like destructive chewing or barking since dogs become more interested in working towards their goal than performing negative behaviors.  Finally, some owners may feel more comfortable leaving their dogs home alone for extended periods of time if they know that he has their beloved toy with them instead of having nothing but anxiety-inducing boredom.


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Types of Treat Launchers – What Are They Made Of?

Rubber Launchers the most common kind of dispenser features rubber discs stacked in columns on two metal rods. Each disc has a hole in it through which you insert kibble or dog biscuits. Turning a handle cranks both rods at once, pushing each disc forward until it drops off into your waiting pet’s bowl. 

There are several different types but many include special variations with different types of holes for kibble versus cookies/bones/etc., multiple rows for dispensing multiple treats at once, whistle discs that make noise when released to grab your pup’s attention, etc.. 

PVC launchers use plastic bars instead of rubber ones, though they still feature holes along either side through which you slide small food morsels. As you crank down on a handle, one bar slides against another, gradually releasing pieces of kibble as it goes along. Plastic Crank Plastic crank dispensers resemble normal children’s toys except that they’re made out of plastic and designed for use with dog treats rather than candy. Instead of using plates or balls, however, these units come with grooves running lengthwise down either side so you can load up dozens at a time if desired.


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How It Works

The toy’s design usually consists of three main parts: an adjustable grip, a plunger and a tension spring. The adjustable grip allows you to set distance between your hand and treat release, so as to alter difficulty. It also controls how much pressure you need to exert on your dog for treats to pop out.

Some dogs quickly learn how much pressure they need to exert on toys for food to fall out; others may not be able to figure it out as easily, requiring you instead to adjust tension levels accordingly. With these toys, bigger dogs can easily eat treats without needing any help from their owners, whereas smaller dogs can enjoy playtime with their favourite people. They’re also great for working dogs who need mental stimulation during downtime between training sessions.

Just make sure that neither you nor your dog is wearing something that could get caught in or break apart under tension! Although most brands are durable enough to hold up against chewing, keep your eye on them when playing fetch—just in case.

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Tips For Choosing The Best Treats For Your Dog

There are many things to think about when choosing treats for your dog. Consider not only your dog’s dietary needs but his or her personality as well. Picking treats can be overwhelming, but with some research, you’ll learn there is plenty of fun and healthy options out there. 

If you decide to make your own treats at home, keep these tips in mind: – Make sure they don’t contain added sugar – Choose healthy, low-calorie ingredients – Include only preservative-free meat sources Don’t forget that quality dog food provides all of an adult dog’s nutritional needs, so use pureed veggies or leftovers instead of making special concoctions just for treats.

Dogs love vegetables. The trick is to avoid giving them foods high in starch (for example, corn, and potatoes) which can lead to weight gain. Carrots are particularly great because they offer vitamins A and C! Dogs should never eat onions or garlic due to their potential toxicity – luckily dogs typically dislike eating them anyway! Dogs are carnivores by nature so using lean meats, eggs, dried beans/legumes, and organ meats (like liver) will naturally provide protein-rich yet calorie-light treats too! Simple combinations like scrambled eggs + plain yoghurt/cottage cheese + grated carrots = delicious treat! Avoid salty treats since dogs already get salt naturally from their diet. They also have less sophisticated taste buds than humans do so it really isn’t necessary anyway.



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