I used to have a dog that kept barking. He would bark as soon as someone approached the door of the house and certainly as soon as someone knocked on the door. Sometimes the barking would continue for long minutes after a guest was home. If we had left the house then he would have barked long minutes after we left. In addition, from time to time he would also bark just to get attention. The barking was a big nuisance for both us and our neighbor. In the next tutorial we will try to understand why some dogs bark almost non-stop.

Why does the dog bark?

The answer to the question of bearing is a very simple rebellion. Like humans, the dog wants to talk and express himself through his barks. Of course barking is the most natural behavior there is in the world. The question is when is our dog barking too much, when is he already barking, what does it say about him and what can be done to reduce these barks. As dog owners we are already after a period with our dog most of the time we will know if his barks are just voluntarily “talking” to us and are within the normal range and when it is already excessive. In some cases if we do not pay attention I suppose your neighbors will wake you up for the incessant barking. One more thing needs to be understood, an excessively barking dog also wants to convey a message of fear or anxiety to us and needs to be treated and helped.

Why do some dogs bark all the time?

As we said at the beginning there are some situations that are familiar to us where there are dogs barking non-stop. When we leave the house or return home, when another guest comes home or when the dog hears noises outside the house. Again it is said, many times if the barking is not excessive it is completely natural for the dog to bark, we will here only refer to dogs that bark extremely.

If the dog barks when you go back and forth make sure that when the rest of you come home you do not immediately give him all the attention but treat him only after he has calmed down and is quiet. Dogs barking just to get attention is mostly a matter of dog training. Teach the dog the command “enough” or “quiet” and most importantly be consistent in this learning and this is what will most likely lead to a decrease in these barks.

One last thing, when a dog barks when someone comes home or approaches the door it is usually because of fear or anxiety. Again it is mostly a matter of educating and training the dog. If this is a person who comes to you often you should give that person some candy to bring to the dog immediately after he stops barking and then he will understand that this person is a desirable person. If it’s a person who rarely arrives then even take the dog to another room if he does not stop barking and while knocking on the door give him his snack that the dog will understand that knocking on the door is not a scary event.

Remember that we do not want to completely stop the barking of our dog. This is his way of expressing himself and it is important for him and also sometimes it is important for us that the dog barks, for example if someone unfamiliar enters our territory.

Good luck!

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