Have you been working from home more often this past year? We bet your dog is happy to have you home! And you probably love being able to spend more time with them! However, we understand that you don’t love all the interruptions you get from your furry friend every workday. You may think that your options are limited, but honestly, there are quite a few things you can do to prevent these dog interruptions from happening too often.

Working from Home? 7 Ideas that Will Keep Your Dog from Interrupting


1. Always Walk Your Dog Prior to the Start of Your Workday

Getting your dog some exercise prior to the start of your workday will allow them to work off some energy. A nice long walk will wear your dog out enough, so they will want to take a nap during your most important conference call of the day.


2. Create an Office Space Away from Your Dog

Since you used to work out of the house, your dog is not used to having you home all day long. Therefore, they should not mind being in a different room than you during your working hours. Simply close the door and make sure you go out and pay attention to them during lunchtime and breaks.


3. Show a Little Love During the Day

We just mentioned making sure you pay attention to your dog during lunchtime and break time. This is important, because the attention will let them know you love them and are there for them when you are not busy. This extra love and attention will keep them from bugging you for extra attention when you are in the middle of a meeting.


4. Bring Out the Toys and Rotate Them Regularly

Dogs can get bored easily, which is why toys can help keep them occupied. If you leave toys out for your dog to play with, they will find a way to stay busy while you are working. We find it is best to rotate the toys regularly, so your dog does not get bored with the same options.

dog toys

5. Let Your Dog Watch TV

You may not think that your dog would possibly watch tv, but the background noise can be helpful. If you choose a channel like Animal Planet, you may actually find your dog looking at the animals on the screen.


6. Use a Puzzle Feeder

Does your dog normally inhale their food when it is time to eat? A puzzle feeder will make them slow down and work for their food. This can be an excellent option when you need to get some important work done or make a phone call. They may even be ready for a nap by the time they are done.


7. Consider a Dog Walker

Hiring a dog walker may seem silly since you are home. However, a little extra activity can tire your dog out and make them happier. This is an excellent idea if you do not get too many breaks during your workday or one day is busier than all the rest.

dog walker

These are seven ideas that will help keep your dog from interrupting while you work from home. They might not all work with your dog, but you should find a few that will make your dog happy to chill out as you get a little work completed.

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