A new dog has come home, it’s hard to describe this happiness of a new dog coming into life, like another family member. And just like the birth of a boy or a girl should now begin and educate our dog. There are many approaches to how to train and tame our dog and probably in the end everyone has to find the right way for them. We here are given suggestions on how to tame a dog in ways that have worked great for us.

How to train your dog

1. Don’t use your hands: Although it’s natural to tap on your dog’s nose if it moves or otherwise its sight is obscured you will have to learn how to use your body as a translator. You will be able to teach your dog in a peaceful atmosphere using your body language to ask for what he wants.

2. Use a gentle and calming voice: A strong and aggressive voice will not make your dog do anything. As it is, it will become paranoid and start to hide its face. The best way to train your dog is to use a friendly voice and be careful of its tone so as not to intimidate it. If your dog is too frightened, it will start to show its fear by tensing its muscles and legs.

Don’t judge your dog

It’s important to be careful with your dog, not angry or aggressive with your dog. Be happy and optimistic, don’t push your dog into doing something it’s not ready to do or show them a weakness. This is especially important with dogs that are high-energy. If you notice that your dog is very energetic and running or jumping at you just because he has something he wants. Think before you do something with him, not sure this is the best time to train. Spend time with your dog, when they are good, in a relaxed environment. When they are good with you, you can focus on training them. Always be positive! Always be positive in your interaction with your dog.

Don’t give up

Sometimes your dog has no bad intentions at all, just being playful. Just look into their eyes and enjoy. All in all, you should not train a puppy too early, make sure your dog is ready before you begin your training. You should not give up and it’s definitely not time to, we are not forcing the dog to do anything, rather, we are training our dog for his well-being. In case your dog doesn’t listen to you now, it’s only because you can’t speak dog yet. Just be patient and don’t be sad with him, all in all, you’ll come back to it. You just have to take care to be consistent and patient with your dog, at the end you will see the results.

Don’t punish your dog

Don’t punish your dog after he behaves in a way that is not acceptable to you. It’s not easy at all for him to learn how to behave in the vicinity of human beings. The best way to handle this situation is for your dog to learn on his own. It takes time, for the dog to understand the way to live with people as a dog. Don’t overlook the importance of early training Yes, training can take a lot of time, but it is very important for your dog. Early training not only helps in teaching the dog the required obedience but also teaches them how to live. It is always better to learn the rules of the house when the puppy is young and still has some capacity to learn.

Company for your dog

Training with your dog involves taking him with you everywhere you are. For this to happen, you should provide him with many reasons to follow you wherever you go. By the way, when your dog is with you, he is aware that you are always around him. So if you will notice him next to you when you are out and about, or if you will spot him just taking a nap, you know he is feeling safe and secure. Let him play and play with the toys and games that you use to play with yourself when you were a little kid. Doing so is also the perfect way to trigger your dog’s desire to follow you and be with you.

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So, these dog training ideas will undoubtedly work very well for all dog owners, especially if you want to teach your dog new things, create fun in your dog’s life, teach him to do simple tricks and train him to become a real member of the family. Before you begin, it’s good to have a glimpse of the dog’s behaviour: Does he take control of the home? Is he stubborn and disinterested in learning anything new? If you decide that you want to train your dog, be cautious and be sure that the dog’s behaviour is very flexible and that he is really interested in the training. If he is in the right mood for training, you could start just with a short series of basic commands, such as sit, down, shake, and stay. The sequence is simple but the dog needs a period of training to understand the commands.

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